mandag 18. mai 2009

Our National Day

On request some photos from our National Day the 17th of May. I`m not going to say so much about the day. BluesVox has it covered!
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The school band

The 2nd grade kids waiting to go.

On the go! Most of us are wearing national costumes, at least women and the kids. But not many men....

At the end of the day. Our garden by night. The Honeysuckle smell so nice just now! I just have to stay outside as long as I can.

5 kommentarer:

Svein sa...

Jo, her viser hvor flott det var igår! Flaggene og de røde rhododendronene er flott sammen!

BluesVox sa...

What's Up with the men not dressing up? lol. Great pics I was hoping you would share some from yesterday. Thanks and what a fantastic garden spot to sit at night I am envious indeed. It looks like a great place to unwind. I may have said this before but you take awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing them and Take great care.

Rune (Bildebloggen) sa...

Pene 17,mai bilder. En koselig plass dere har i hagen der :)

Margaret Pangert sa...

Gry, your patio is lovely! I love the way you caught the glow of the lamps on the wooden table. And are those pomegranate blossoms on the bush toward the back left? We won't have honeysuckle here 'til midsummer. I love the red flags against the red flowers and how you photographed the children in action without blurring. And Blues Vox, thanks for giving us the background of this celebration. Happy 17th of May!

Randi sa...

Flotte 17 mai bilder.
Ser ut som om dere har en fin plass i hagen.

Ha en flott dag