lørdag 30. mai 2009

An evening stroll

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bookmanie sa...

Congratulations for you blog, pictures are beautiful

Anne sa...

Helt utrolige bilder og grønn som er min favoritt farge!!

Anne-Sophie sa...

Fantastiske farger og skygger!

BluesVox sa...

Gorgeous view indeed. Thanks

Casey sa...

Hi! my name is Casey. Could you give me your e-mail so i could contact you?
im from mexico
my email es casey_sc93@rocketmail.com

i love your photos and i want to ask you something about them.

=) thanks!
take care

Sweet Pea sa...

These pictures are beautiful, I love to photograph, but I'm more of an animal photographer!!! ;)

Rune (Bildebloggen) sa...

Nydelige farger og kontraster i bildene, vakkert!