søndag 19. april 2009

Evening in the woods 2

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Same place as yesterday, but an hour earlier.

9 kommentarer:

Derrick sa...

NICE BLOG.. Interesting!

mo'ikeha sa...

What a joy it was looking at your pictures. Living in a city with more than five million inhabitens you may imagen how good it felt - could even nearly smell the fres air - thank you.

Palladyn+ sa...

Realy great pictures :)

xplorer sa...

nice scenery. We share the same passion in photography.i would like to invite you to my blog and your input on my work.

Ninni sa...

Nydelige bilder med vakkert lys igjen Gry, nesten litt høst over dem :)

raterices sa...

Very nice photos and places
where it is your garden?

Teresa Queiroz sa...

gret gret picture

Bazinha sa...

fantastic blog...very good photos.......

Exsotic Birds sa...

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